Sort To-Do's by Due Date

Updates: To-Do's

And, by popular demand, it's here...

You can now sort To-Do's by due date! 

Simply visit the To-Do's or My Focus page, and click on the due date button. It will automatically sort your items with the most recent due at the top.

To choose a specific[..]

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Faster My Focus page, Keep your Data on CREATE and More Clean Up

UX/UI Updates

CREATE Box Update

Never accidentally click away from the content you are adding! Now, when you try to cancel after already typing, Traxion will ask if you are sure that you want to delete your content.


My Focus Speed

Impatient? Good. Now when you[..]
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Printing the Full Accountability Chart

Updates: Accountability Chart

You can now print the entire Accountability Chart by clicking the PDF button on the page. The printed chart will contain the first three leadership roles on the first page, and then each of the following pages will contain the manager and one level of[..]

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No Character Limit & CSV Scorecard Export

UX/UI Updates, Updates: Scorecard & Measurables

The title fields of Measurables, Issues, Rocks and To-do's do not have the pre-existing 40 character limit. We highly recommend you still keep titles short and put the details in the description section of each item so that when printing, viewing on your[..]

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Texting Traxion's Mentor Bot, Henryx

Update: Notifications & Texting

The first version of Traxion's Mentor Bot is now available! 

Right now, Henryx has some simple functions, and overtime he will get smarter!
  1. Text rocks, to-do's, and issues to be added to your Traxion account
  2. Get your rocks, to-do's, and issues texted to[..]
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